Getting the Help You Need is Now Easier Than Ever

Are you overwhelmed with life, struggling to get through each day? Is the thought of taking time off work and finding childcare preventing you from getting the resources you need?

Online Counseling May Be the Solution

I offer hassle-free online therapy for individuals and couples anywhere in the State of Texas.

My online counseling platform is simple. You get an email containing an access link 10-15 minutes before our appointment and with one click, you are in. It’s a simple process that allows counseling to fit your schedule.

I’m Here When You Are Ready

When you choose to work with me, together, we tune out the world for 50 minutes. This is your time to be seen, heard, and comforted. You can leave behind all your thoughts about needing to be strong or holding in your emotions. You can lean on me as we work together to rebuild your strength and resilience – you are not alone.

Contact me for your free 15-minute phone consultation to see if online counseling is right for you.