Hello, I’m Renee, and I hope to get to know you soon. But first, let me share a little bit about myself.

I married my high school sweetheart and we went on to have 4 kids within 6 years… YIKES! I definitely fell into the trap of trying to be everything to everyone… at my own expense. Showering on a regular basis became a luxury. Eating my kid’s leftovers was a meal. And a late night trip to Target alone was “Me Time”.  Maybe you can relate. Thankfully, in time, I learned a more rewarding way of parenting.

How I Got Here

I have always had a heart for walking alongside others and offering healing to those who are hurting. Nursing was my first career, and it was during those years that I witnessed the power of our self-talk and its ability to alter our quality of life. Mental health was not a concept I was exposed to in my childhood. I learned that emotions were simply uncomfortable feelings, and if ignored long enough, they go away… but they don’t really go away. They are stuffed, hidden, and disguised and often lead to resentment. In some cases, unacknowledged emotions can even lead to medical problems such as GI symptoms or auto-immune diseases.

I have experienced the tornado inside, and once I understood that I would not be consumed by my emotions if I acknowledged them, my life changed.

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My Hobbies

With four children, it seems that until recently, my hobbies were related to my children and their needs. I’m sure other parents can relate. Long walks became an enjoyable way to pass time while I waited for their activities to end. My walking companion, George, our rescue dog who is both a fierce protector and a scaredy-cat, often accompanies me.

I also enjoy curling up with a book. I will read any book from any book club list, and recommendations are always welcomed. And if I never cook another meal, it would be a dream come true. But since reality is not cooperating with my dream, for now, I treasure the occasional dinner out with my husband and the rare but amazing home-cooked meals prepared by my culinary son.

My Education